Culver City Police Really Wanted To Be A Part Of The Dorner Manhunt

CULVER CITY, CA — Three months after the intense search for ex-LAPD Christopher Dorner ended, the Culver City police revealed that they really wanted to be a part of the manhunt. Donald Pedersen, the chief of police for the CCPD told reporters today that all officers were by their phones during the nine-day ordeal, hoping LAPD chief of police Charlie Beck would call them for reinforcements. They were saddended when that the call never came.”There was a palpable sense of carpe diem around our offices. We were ready to go, our guns were locked and loaded, our vehicles full of gas. It was such a letdown when they found him in that cabin in Big Bear without even getting a single correspondence.” Pedersen wiped away tears of frustration as he continued, saying, “Do you understand how boring it is to be part of the CCPD? We don’t do anything. Our residents are lame. Two months ago I gave some guy a ticket for jaywalking in front of the Culver Hotel, but that was it. He didn’t even try to run.”

CCPD Prisoner Transport

The never-used CCPD prisoner transport. (Photo credit: qnr)

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