Greuel, Garcetti Debate Education, Economy, And More Importantly The Best Burger In LA

LOS ANGELES, CA — On a radio debate hosted by KCRW-FM (89.9) and Zocalo Square last night, Los Angeles mayoral candidates Controller Wendy Greuel and City Councilman Eric Garcetti discussed education and the economy, but a majority of the time was spent on the best burger in the city. “Well, it’s easily Father’s Office,” Garcetti said. “Have you been to the one in Helm’s Bakery? The bar is like twenty feet long! Their beer taps go on for days!” Greuel scoffed, saying, “I have been there and I want to ask my fellow Angelenos this: do you want a mayor who enjoys fighting random people for tables and not being able to have ketchup? Sounds fascist to me. I for one prefer the Oinkster. Good ol’ classic American burger. Tastes like freedom and the road to economic recovery.” Warren Olney, the host, interjected quite a few times, trying to get them to return to the topic of politics, but they both ignored him, starting a debate over which establishment had better fries.

Garcetti goes with F.O. (Photo credit: Flickr & Scott Beale)

Garcetti goes with F.O. (Photo credit: Flickr & Scott Beale)

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