LAPD Finally Apprehends Palm Tree Thief

CULVER CITY, CA – After months of following the trail of the man now known as the “Palm Tree Thief” (PTT), LAPD officers have finally made a break in the case. Reports came to light after residents began noticing entire rows of palm trees disappearing along Doheny Drive in Beverly Hills. “He only took trees from the right side of the street,” said one neighbor who has been alarmed ever since the thefts began. Indeed, the PTT did appear to be carefully planning which trees to steal and which he would spare. “He is no everyday criminal,” the LAPD said in a statement three weeks ago when they had no idea how to solve the case. “This man is intelligent, dangerous and is likely not operating alone. The LAPD advises that you keep all palm trees in your possession at all times and do not discuss the location of your palm trees with any strangers. If you see anyone absconding with an armful of palm trees, call 911 immediately.”

From Sunset to Santa Monica Boulevard and even Sepulveda Boulevard in Van Nuys where nobody goes, trees kept coming up missing. “It’s a scary thing,” said one neighbor. “We just don’t feel safe in our homes anymore.” A break in the case however came in on Friday when LAPD responded to a home on Washington Boulevard in Culver City. “The suspect was apparently attempting to hide the trees by planting them in his backyard,” the Police Chief commented. Neighbors became suspicious when, “Yesterday he didn’t have any palm trees in his backyard and then today he had 200.” The LAPD congratulated themselves on a job well done, “Despite the 1-story home completely blocking view of the 80 foot high trees, our officers were able to uncover his hiding place using special forces intelligence goggles and make an arrest.” Residents can now rest peacefully once again.

Washingtonia robusta trees line Ocean Avenue i...

You’re next. And then you and then you and then you… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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