ASK AN ANGELENO: Which Mayoral Candidate Are You Voting For?

With the May 21st runoff election looming, The Ritzy Dispatch took to the streets to find out which mayoral candidate Angelenos are voting for.

“Wendy Greuel, so I can continue to use her last name as a pun. Like, ‘what a Greueling city policy.’ Hahaha, I crack myself up!” — Randall Elsworth, 46, Playa Vista

“Eric Garcetti, because he has the experience and leadership. Also, he’s a white male in his 40s and that usually works out pretty well.” –Scott Tanner, 57, Sherman Oaks

“Whoever promises to make Madame Tussauds Wax Museum a city landmark and free to all LA residents. I would seriously go everyday. The figurines are so lifelike!” –Melinda O’Farrell, 44, Burbank

“Obama.” – Michael Goose, 75, Mar Vista

“Can I have a bus token? Who? Yeah, I like Wendy’s they’ve got great chili. I vote for that.” — Justin Moore, 27, Van Nuys

“What matters is that we save the endangered giraffes. Not everything is about our first world problems. It’s about time we all gained some perspective people. CRAP, I just got a damn parking ticket again fml.” — Sharon Simpson, 37, Santa Monica

(Photo credit: Flickr & Old Man Lee)

(Photo credit: Flickr & Old Man Lee)

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