ASK AN ANGELENO: Why Didn’t You Vote?

Eric Garcetti won the mayoral runoff election on Tuesday, May 21, 2013, but only around 20% of Angelenos voted. We asked why.

“I went to my crossfit class after work because I totally binged on food this weekend and by the time I got to the polling station, it was too late. Sad face. Teardrop. Frown. Can you print emoticons?” — Kristina Mumford, 27, Silverlake

“I went to the polling station but got confused when Villaraigosa wasn’t on the ballot.” — Hank Morton, 23, Westwood

“My kids. My goddamn kids. Driving me nuts. Little bastards ruin my life and I can’t get shit done. Don’t even get me started on their deadbeat father. Loser.” — Patricia Wyman, 51, Beverly Hills

“There was an election?” — Joseph Paisel, 34, Hancock Park

“Bed, Bath & Beyond.” — Mel Huerta, 44, Boyle Heights

Now you don't have to decide between caffeine and the  democratic process!(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Totally empty. (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

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