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We’ve Moved!

Dear Readers, We’ve moved to a new location in the internet. We’ll continue to provide the best news in and around Los Angeles, so we hope you follow us as … Continue reading

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City To Install Parking Meters In Your Driveway

YOUR HOUSE – Meter maids and parking services workers will soon find themselves working double-time when paid parking is installed at all private residences in Los Angeles County. “We were really … Continue reading

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LA Mayoral Election: Polling Places Moved To Starbucks So That Someone Might Vote

LOS ANGELES, CA – Amid the bustle of election day, LA City’s electoral council made the executive decision to move all polling places to Starbucks because, well, otherwise nobody will vote. The … Continue reading

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Man Gets Off Train At Union Station; Immediately Gets Back On

UNION STATION – After a 36-hour train ride from somewhere else in America to Los Angeles, a Dutch traveler arrived at Union Station late Tuesday only to immediately get back on the … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Atwater Village Still Too Far Away

ATWATER VILLAGE — Atwater Village, which resides east of the 5 freeway in Los Angeles, is still too far away. Last night, Los Angeles residents James and Caitlin Murray drove … Continue reading

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Native Angeleno Walked Eight Blocks

MID CITY, LOS ANGELES — Earlier today Traci Benton, a native Angeleno, walked eight blocks from her apartment to the Beverly Center because she needed to return something to Bloomingdales. … Continue reading

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Woman Won’t Date Anyone With An 818, 626 Area Code

LOS ANGELES, CA — A Los Angeles woman who spoke on condition of anonymity told reporters that she refuses to date anyone with an 818 or 626 area code. “I … Continue reading

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Echo Park Lake to Re-Open, Homeless People of Echo Park Ecstatic

ECHO PARK — Since being closed since 2011 for renovations, Echo Park Lake is finally being reopened and the homeless people of Echo Park are ecstatic. During a press conference … Continue reading

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Resident: “Downtown LA Looks Really Underwhelming From Over Here”

CULVER CITY, CA — Earlier today, LA resident Mary Wallace was hiking through Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area and noted that the increasingly hip and trendy Downtown LA looks “really … Continue reading

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Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook Just Waiting To Go Up In Flames

CULVER CITY, CA — The gorgeous Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook in Culver City is just waiting to go up in a fiery mess. Despite efforts at plant rehabilitation, the native … Continue reading

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Culver City Police Really Wanted To Be A Part Of The Dorner Manhunt

CULVER CITY, CA — Three months after the intense search for ex-LAPD Christopher Dorner ended, the Culver City police revealed that they really wanted to be a part of the … Continue reading

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Man Found Living In The Grove Parking Structure, Five Months After Getting Lost

MID CITY, LOS ANGELES — A man was found living in a corner of The Grove’s parking structure after he got lost trying to find the exit five months ago … Continue reading

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Culver City’s Boneyard A Great Place To Watch Dogs Hump

In a surprising development, Culver City’s dog park The Boneyard is a great place to watch dogs hump. “It’s really nonstop there,” Fritz Hemple, a frequent patron of the park, … Continue reading

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Redondo Beach Woman Decides To Just Stay Home Tonight And Watch TV

REDONDO BEACH, CA — Despite being pressured by her mother to, “go out and actually live your life,” a Redondo Beach woman named Dorris has made the bold decision to, “Just … Continue reading

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