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Los Angeles To Add Nine New Sports Stadiums Downtown

LOS ANGELES – Amid talks about building a new football stadium in downtown Los Angeles, city planners determined that the timing was ripe to cram nine new stadiums into the … Continue reading

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USC Hires Two UCLA Neuroscientists To Revamp Dept, Figure Out What The Hell Is Going Through Lane Kiffin’s Mind

LOS ANGELES, CA — In a major academic coup, USC has hired two prominent UCLA neuroscientists to expand their department, as well as figure out what the hell is going … Continue reading

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Magic Johnson Trying To Return The Dodgers To Frank McCourt

LOS ANGELES, CA — Unbeknownst to most, Magic Johnson has been pleading with former owner Frank McCourt in an effort to return the Dodgers, which he bought in May 2012. … Continue reading

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The LA Galaxy Just Announced…Eh, Who Cares

LOS ANGELES, CA — The LA Galaxy, Los Angeles’ pro soccer team, just announced…eh, who cares. Does anyone even pay attention to the LA Galaxy? Not a single person in … Continue reading

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“At Least We’re Not The Dodgers,” Say The LA Lakers

LOS ANGELES, CA — The Lakers are smiling after the Dodgers lost again last night to the visiting Colorado Rockies, refocusing most of the city’s angst. Even though the Lakers’ … Continue reading

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Dwight Howard Caught Sneaking Into The Clippers Locker Room

LOS ANGELES, CA — A day after the Lakers were eliminated from playoff contention, Laker center Dwight Howard was caught sneaking into the Los Angeles Clippers’ locker room before their … Continue reading

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